The Best Things to Do in Killarney When It Rains

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One of the first things you’ll notice when you visit Killarney is how green it is. But all that lush vegetation comes at a price—rain, and lots of it! Killarney does get a good deal of wet weather, but that’s no reason not to enjoy it.

Here are our favourite things to do in Killarney when it rains:

Visit Torc Waterfall

They say there’s no such thing as bad weather—just bad rain gear! With a decent raincoat and waterproof shoes, you can still enjoy the sights of Killarney, even when it’s bucketing down. And one place that’s really worth seeing after heavy rain is Torc Waterfall. Just 6.4km from Coolclogher House on the N71 (main road to Kenmare), Torc Waterfall is truly at its best after a deluge. There’s even a handy platform near the base where you can take dramatic photos of the cascade to treasure.

Torc Waterfall
Tour Killarney House

Once the stable block of a chateau-style residence built in the mid-1720s, the present Killarney House was remodeled as a residence for Lord Kenmare in the early 20th century. It was acquired by a successful American building contractor called John McShain in 1959 and later gifted to the people of Ireland by the McShain family. Located within easy walking distance of the town centre, it makes a great refuge on a rainy day, with its interactive displays of Killarney National Park, photographic displays, and beautifully restored reception rooms. And even on the wettest days, you will still be able to marvel at the magnificent gardens that surround it.

Killarney House

See Ross Castle

If you’re looking for protection (even from the elements), the best place to go is a castle. Ross Castle is located 2km from Killarney’s town centre, just off the N71 Kenmare Road. When the weather improves, make sure to take a wander down to the nearby copper mines and stroll through Killarney National Park, but when you need to be indoors, take a 40-minute tour of this medieval Irish chieftain’s stronghold. Any children in the party are sure to be impressed by the cannons, and there is a good selection of 16th-and 17th– century furnishings and memorabilia to interest the rest of the family.

Ross Castle

Take a Trip on a Waterbus

From Ross Castle, you can tour the largest of Killarney’s three famous lakes in the comfort of the one of the covered waterbuses that leave from the pier in front of the castle. This is an enjoyable way to experience the wild beauty of the lake, accompanied by an informative commentary from the boat driver. Book your waterbus trip and learn all about the history of the Lake and its surroundings—without getting your feet wet.

Killarney Waterbus

Visit Muckross House

You can’t leave Killarney without visiting Muckross House & Gardens. The gardens may have to wait for a break in the showers, but the house makes an ideal refuge on rainy days. Situated 5km from Killarney town on the N71 Kenmare road, the Victorian mansion is crammed with fascinating objects to intrigue and enthrall, from portraits by John Singer Sargent and ornate china designed for the 1861 visit of Queen Victoria to trophy stuffed animals and distinctive Killarney furniture, embellished with local arbutus wood.

Muckross House

Even on the dampest of days, Coolclogher House makes the perfect base for your Killarney getaway. Luxuriate in the comfort of your surroundings as you wait for the sun to come out, and if you do fall victim to a rain shower, it makes the ideal place to take refuge and relax.


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