Coolclogher House green sitting room

The Green Sitting Room

Coolclogher House luxury green sitting room is to your right off the main hall guests renting the manor love the relaxed feel making it feel like a home away from home luxury rental manor home. The walls are painted a historic library green colour and the open fireplace is original antique marble, with a large gilt over mantle. The original  polished wood floor are beautifully maintained, with a large antique rug. Large sofa and many comfortable chairs and tables.

There is a mahogany games table, a secretariat and a round card table in front of a window a large  multi channel large television in a mahogany cabinet. The triple aspect arched windows face the extensive grounds and the mountains beyond the property.  As elsewhere in the vacation house there are no window coverings just beautifully crafted mouldings painted a historic white and antique shutters. A real home away from home holiday home. Fast WiFi internet free. Recommended by top travel guides as one of the best places to stay in Ireland.

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